Eschalon Book II Pacifist Run (Index)

This is the main index for our pacifist run section on Eschalon Book II, a rare epic CRPG you can win without being forced to kill a single thing.
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Pacifist-Run Guide to Eschalon Book II

Map of Mistfell, where most of Book II takes place
Clicking on the links below will take you to the pacifist run walkthrough/guide page for each map or area listed. (Please note that all sections below include major plot spoilers.)

(Wolfenwood & The Western Kessian Basin)

(Northern side of the Central Farrock Range)

(also the Northern Mistfell Coast map)

(Covers the Yoma River Headwaters, and both sides of the Raven's Gate tunnel to Nor'land)

(Covers the frozen expanses of Hellice Lake and the dwarven mountain town of Durnore)

(Forsaken Coast, after acquiring the Crux of Fire)

(covers Picaroon Isle, the Brimstone Lava Fields, and Amireth Grazelands)