Baldur's Gate Pacifist Run Guide

This is the main page for all sections of our Baldur's Gate Pacifist Run guide. [Our pacifist run through this game is finished, but the pages here are actively under construction.]

Intro & Character Generation Sections: 

Pacifist Run Sections: 

Riverside Farmlands & Wyrm's Crossing

Journey to Beregost

High Hedge & Maps Surrounding Beregost

The Sword Coast


Mountains Around Nashkel

The Cloudpeak Mountains

The Gnoll Stronghold

The Nashkel Mines

Eastern Badlands & Return to Nashkel

The Ruins of Ulcaster

Gullykin & The Firewine Bridge Ruins

Infiltrating the Bandit Camp

Cloakwood Forest

Cloakwood Mines

Wyrm's Crossing: Entering Baldur's Gate

The City of Baldur's Gate:
City Gates & East District
The Thieves Guild
The Docks (South-Central District)
Iron Throne Headquarters (Dock District)
Flaming Fist Castle & Seven Suns Trading HQ (Southwest District)
Northeast District (The Blushing Mermaid, Splurging Sturgeon, etc)
[ UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- All other sections coming soon. ]

Version notes:
Baldur's Gate was originally released way back in the 1990's and became a classic, and has since been re-released multiple times. 
The version we played and featured here was the "Baldur's Gate Expanded Edition" which let you play Baldur's Gate I's campaign using the upgraded Baldur's Gate II engine. 
There is now an even newer version ("Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition") that contains the same Baldur's Gate saga we played and covered here, but made other changes that might impact some of the gameplay.