Eschalon II Pacifist Run - Sylphwood Forest & Northern Harpoon Bay

When you're ready to make the overseas voyage over to Picaroon Isle and beyond, you'll first have to make the journey through the Sylphwood Forest to reach Harpoon Bay and hire a ship. You will eventually be required to make this journey to complete the game, but won't be under any time pressure. Once you arrive at Harpoon Bay, however, you can reach a quick-travel point, and be rewarded with 5000 more nonviolent xp as soon as you hire the ship.
You will also meet new merchants at Picaroon Isle, before heading onto the beaches at the Brimstone Lava Fields, and crossing the Amireth Grazelands when you're ready to journey to Talushorn...

Journey Through the East Sylphwood Forest:

Probably the easiest way to begin this journey is to quick-travel to the obelisk outside the Raven's Gate (assuming you were there before), or any other method of your choice to bring you back to the road leading south of the Yoma River Headwater.
You can quick travel back to this obelisk and head southeast (the opposite of the mage in the screenshot) to start the journey through Sylphwood toward Harpoon Bay...
There are some impressive sights to see here as you wind through the forest and reach high cliffs above mountain ranges vistas you can see below, and also some minor treasures and dangerous creatures.
The first place you arrive at will be a destroyed caravan of some kind with barrels full of wine bottles inside. (You can blow up a few of the barrels with a spell, or just bash a few to get past them.)
The likely cause of this destruction will be found west of here, as there is a Taurax Scout stamping around a camp ahead. As long as you've got haste and/or invisibility, it won't be difficult to grab at its chest and then escape from it.
Further onward, you'll reach the cliff sides and be able to see a long way down, but will have to watch out for hawk-like birds called "Rift Harpies" who can attack you with a dangerous sonar-like sound wave that can paralyze you, if you let them get too close.
Invisibility will of course work, but if you have Sparkling Wonder, you can make the birds keep their distance until you can escape from their territory.
Sparkling Wonder is effective to keep the Rift Harpies at a distance without injuring them.
When you reach  a narrow bridge, you'll be able to go up a short distance north and find a chest near the craggy area on the edge of the woods.
The path southward will take you to the upper part of the Harpoon Bay map, but you'll still be in a cliffside area with two branches: There is a treasure chest both to the east (in a side-path into the woods on the other side of the gap east of the main path) and west (out on a promontory in the open cliffs).
You'll also note two paths through the forest if you follow the cliffs a ways to the west: One of them leads south through a marsh to a stoney ruin where you can find a treasure chest. The other (more directly below the main path from the East Sylphwood Forest) will wind through the woods and emerge at Harpoon Bay. You'll find that the small port is deserted for the most part, it sole inhabitant being the Port Master named Ben, who will offer you various mercantile items, and also offer to sail you to Picaroon Isle for 350 gold, whenever you're ready to leave.
There is a quick travel obelisk you can examine right near the docks, so you can return here easily even if you're not ready to leave.

You'll also still be able to return to the north after making the journey to Picaroon Isle: You won't be able to use quick-travel all at once between regions that are extremely far away from each other, but if you're an Elemental mage with the Portal spell, you'll be able to get around this easily by setting any portal anchor back in the north, and teleporting back and forth between Picaroon and the main continent (as well as optionally Durnore, if you want to have portals keyed to all three areas that can't be quick-traveled to as easily).
Setting sail from Harpoon Bay will take you to the isle on the edge of Amarith
As soon as you're ready, you can give Ben his gold and set sail, and will receive 5,000 experience points for making the journey to Picaroon Isle...
Making the journey to Picaroon automatically triggers the next "Destroy the Crux" Quest.