Tranquilizer Gun: Nonlethal 1980's Arcade Action

Long before the introduction of the nonlethal tranquilizer gun into the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, there was Sega's 1980 arcade game "Tranquilizer Gun" (or "Tranquillizer Gun," with an extra "l" for added flair, as seen on the original arcade game flyer).
Promotional flyer for Sega's "Tranquilizer Gun"
The game places players in the role of a zoo officer responsible for the non-lethal tranquilization and capture of wild animals, which have busted out and are now running around on the loose inside a maze of hedge-like forest or jungle.
The player's goal is to shoot each type of animal with tranquilizer darts until it passes out for about 30 seconds, during which time the player must haul it back to the truck to put it inside a cage. The truck can be moved around the perimeter of the maze of bushes, not just for convenience, but to make sure that no animals wander outside the maze and attack the truck (which would result in the other captured animals being turned loose).
A screenshot of Tranquilizer Gun's non-lethal arcade action...
Like in Thief when the player is carrying unconscious NPCs around, the player moves more slowly while towing an unconscious tranquilized beast back to the truck, and consequently needs redoubled caution to avoid an animal charging out of the bushes and bumping him off.  Furthermore, if a player hits an animal while moving the truck, the player (not the animal) is the one who bites the dust. Completing your objectives without running out of time is also of the essence, since there is a limited time before the animals go on the rampage...

Since its release as an arcade machine in the 80's, "Tranquilizer Gun" has also seen various reincarnations on modern systems, appearing on some of Sega's "Memorial" or "Ages" collections on the PS2.