Minecraft: Unique sandbox game with the option to turn off hostile monsters

Minecraft is a very unique open ended "sandbox" game that looks very much like it was inspired by Legos, and involves exploring, gathering resources, battling other blocky-looking entities, and (of course) building things with textured cubes. Its official site at describes it as "a game about placing blocks and going on adventures."
Vistas of nonviolent blocky opportunity open up before players of Minecraft...
Minecraft is not known as a horrifically "violent" game even with the game's default combat mode left on, but the good news for nonviolent gamers looking for an even more peaceful experience is that can also be played in a variety of optional modes and difficulty settings, one of which is the "Peaceful" setting that prevents any hostile monsters from spawning.
"OK guys, just to make sure we're all on the same page here: We're going to be playing on 'Peaceful Mode,' so no battles and no kills allowed, okay?"
Crafting items for various purposes is another dimension of gameplay, and players can learn how to mine and smelt ores to build more effective tools, as well as apparently trying to profit by using emeralds as a currency...
Minecraft has become a wildly popular phenomenon: Apparently the game sold 1 million units less than a month after its beta phase, and the developer has since sold it to Microsoft for over 2 billion dollars (!). We suspect Minecraft has to be played personally to fully grasp its hidden depths— but we're already all for it, and look forward to seeing what it has to offer in terms of exploring, prospecting, small-scale mining operations, emeralds, and gigantic pixels.
Sounds like we won't be needing that sword in 'Peaceful Mode,' but the giant pixels should definitely stay.