3 More Rumored Zero Kill Run Games

This post features more reputed zero kill run games that showed up on our radar, but which aren't on our own playlists at the moment for various reasons, even though some sound like excellent games.

Mirror’s Edge
This is another reputed zero kill run game that many players have given rave reviews to: It takes place in a partly utopian, partly dystopian futuristic society controlled by a domineering regime that tightly monitors and regulates its citizens behavior. The player character is a young woman in the business of transmitting messages while evading government surveillance, and combines first-person perspective and "platform" gameplay involving a lot of perilous running and jumping, with a lot of attention to detail reportedly put into the game's physics.
Screenshot from Mirror's Edge
As for the pacifist honors: Mirror's Edge can be played with a lot of kills, but it also deliberately includes the option to run away or use non-lethal tactics against enemies and still win the whole game, which awards this with an achievement called "Test of Faith" (the protagonist's first name).
Apparently there's a glitch that doesn't count throwing people off of rooftops as kills (oops)— but assuming it's still possible to win the game without throwing anyone off the roof, it sounds like this is another confirmed zero-kill run game that might have a lot going for it. 
Mirror's Edge: Just remember keep the safety turned on when using that scope to spy on people. And remember not to accidentally knock anyone off the roof, while you're at it...
Silent Hill: Downpour"Silent Hill:Downpour" is one of many "survival horror" genre games, and apparently the eighth entry in the Silent Hill series. Apparently "Silent Hill: Downpour" not only enables players the option to win with zero kills, it also rewards virtuous conduct through some type of in-game karma system, and honors those who succeed with a "No Kill" achievement award.
Atmospheric screenshot from Silent Hill: Downpour
Vampyr Vampyr is a visually impressive upcoming release that we noticed featured in an article "Vampyr lets you kill anyone in the game.. or no-one at all." The game makes players step into the role of a post-WW1 doctor who has been turned into a vampire, and it sounds like a zero kill run, with the developers offering the caveat that completing the game without killing anyone will be a very hard challenge, even though it's designed to be possible... However, there may be a potential deal-killer for those of us in the "animals are our friends" camp: Even though it sounds like the designers put a lot of thought into the zero kill option, quotes from the developers made it sound like you might have to keep your vampire alive by "feeding" on rats.
(This actually may not be the case: It was ambiguous from the quotes whether the rats could be left alive, or whether players were actually forced to bump them off to avoid having to prey on humans as the only alternate way to stay alive. If you can take on the zero kill challenge literally without killing anyone, including rats or any other animals, maybe we'll give it another look after it's released... )