Pacifist Gaming & Non-Violent Games

This is a site dedicated to pacifist gaming and non-violent games, covering both games that are non-violent by nature, and also "Pacifist Runs" through games that are typically played violently, but which give non-violent players the option to complete quests and win the game with little or no use of violence.
We're slowly but steadily working on putting together pacifist run game guides to share our results and strategies from winning games using as little violence as possible (even if the game usually contains a lot of conflict, like RPG battles).
Our guides aren't step-by-step walkthroughs, but we hope they'll still be helpful to anyone who likes taking on a "minimum violence" challenge through RPGs or adventures in other genres, and offer our ideas about what strategies did or didn't work well in our own quests to win games with as little violence as we could get away with.